Mark Meyer and Sophie Marquart are pleased to announce their real estate sales and leasing partnership with Compass, a cutting edge company built on a fusion of technology and experienced sales professionals.  Mark and Sophie are long-time collaborators, as well as friends, who share a genuine love of Los Angeles — the weather, the beach, the hills, the vibe, the eclectic neighborhoods, and the medley of architectural styles.

Mark knows just how to navigate the ins and outs of the competitive LA real estate market with his vast experience spanning over 20+ years and several hundred sales.  Originally from Kansas City, Mark delved into the LA real estate after studying finance at San Francisco State University and managing live/work projects for a pioneering Bay Area architecture firm.

Sophie is keenly intuitive with a knack for spotting trends before they happen.  She expertly assesses client's wants and needs and formulates a strategic plan to obtain those goals.  Sophie hails from Melbourne, Australia but has called London, New York, Miami, and Los Angeles home over the course of a dynamic career in fashion before turning her talents to real estate.

Meyer + Marquart is a powerhouse of real estate know-how and positive energy. They strive to build sincere connections with the people and communities they serve by their dedication to work, to integrity and honesty, and to making real estate transactions as pleasant and easy as possible.